What do you think the Story Mode have? A new event or animation? Please have your say.

My Ideas

Even though I think that the Story Mode should have every thing that Pocket God has, but I'll be happy if it just has these:




Very Sad*, Laughing*, Determined*, Evil Look*, Evil Laugh*, Panic*, Stare (when the Pygmies stare at the sunset), Sleep, Food Bubble 1 (coconut), Food Bubble 2 (fish), Food Bubble 3 (cooked fish)*, Food Bubble 4 (cooked dodo bird), Impatient (folds arms and taps foot), Slide (slides off island), Look Around (turns head and looks around), Go Fishing (Picks up fishing rod [Only if Fishing Rod event is on]), Eat Fish (Only if Catch Fish event has happened).

Shark: Idle (swims across screen), Shark Snap (no longer an event), Sucessful Shark Snap (jumps up and eats Pygmy - just like when you hold a Pygmy above the water and let the shark get it), Bite Fishing Hook (shark bites hook and pulls Pygmy into the water), Bite Head (shark falls on Pygmy and latches on to it's head, the Pygmy runs around and falls into the water), Shark Slap (The shark is picked up and is used to knock a Pygmy into the water).

Dodo Bird: Idle (flys across screen), Bird Bomb (drops a bird bomb), Successful Bird Bomb (drops a bird bomb and hits a Pygmy).



  • Hot (everyone does the 'hot' animation)
  • Cold (everyone does the 'cold' animation)
  • Eruption (the volcano erupts [Sand Island only])
  • Catch Fish (the Pygmy that is fishing catches a fish [Only if fishing rod event is on])

Underwater Area:

  • Whirlpool



Underwater Area


  • Normal
  • Hot
  • Cold



  • All items can be turned on and off on the Items catergory.
  • All things with an asterix next to them are things that aren't in Pocket God at all. Note: Two asterixes means in a new catergory in story editor. Yes, I'm aware of that the Underwater Area is going to appear in story mode soon,

Note: When my ideas are added to story mode, I will put a line through them. So that's what I think, please have your say.