The start screen for this mini-game

A-Hole in Time is a mini-game in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It is found in Outer Space.


How to Access It

To access this mini-game, you must let the green alien called Neeboo, who is roaming about in a spaceship, suck a pygmy into his ship. Neeboo will then open up the entrance to a different dimension in space and then go through the portal.

Playing the Mini-Game

Neeboo will use his spaceship to generate an army of pygmies to defend the universe from a bunch of Evil Robots. In this mini-game, you have to tilt your device to move the alien ship around a portal through which the evil robots are arriving and shoot pygmies at the robots by tapping the screen. For each robot you hit, you'll get a number of points. The further away it is, the more points you get, up to a maximum of 200. The closer it is, the less points you get, up to a minimum of 100 points. If the robot gets to the top, hitting it will award 300 points. You lose a life if you touch a robot or its projectiles, usually fireballs. you can avoid them by jumping over them or shooting them. There are many types of robots, many with special powers. Gaining lives can be accomplished by flying into a trail of Ghost Pygmies.


Space Hole 1: Circle of Death

Space Hole 2: Little Square

Space Hole 3: A Jagged Edge

Space Hole 4: Inside the Volcano

Space Hole 5: Cutting Corners

Space Hole 6: Flatland

Space Hole 7: Gotta P

Space Hole 8: G Whiz!

Space Hole 9: Wowee

Space Hole 10: Victory

Space Hole 11: Making Waves

Space Hole 12: Demonhead

Space Hole 13: Bermuda Triangle

Space Hole 14: On the Cross

Space Hole 15: Gem

Space Hole 16: Four Leaf Clover

Space Hole 17: Big Diamond

Space Hole 18: Zero Point Zero

Space Hole 19: Flying Trapeziod

Space Hole 20: Bloated Cross

Space Hole 21: Big Square!

Space Hole 22: Ride the Lightning

Space Hole 23: Supernova

Space Hole 24: Big Vortex

Space Hole 25: Boned

After Space Hole 25, the game restarts from Space Hole 1 with increased difficulty.


  • Because of the way you are taken to this game (through a tear in the fabric of outer space generated by Neeboo's spaceship), it is presumed this game happens in an alternate dimension.
  • The title is a reference a slang term, an "A-Hole." Or also referencing the Insomniac Games PlayStation 3 video game, Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time.
  • A trio of strange glitches can occur for this mini-game: Star Crash, which boosts productivity; Neeboo Loves Black Holes, which involuntarily starts the game; and Name Placement, which hampers the ability to play.