The Adult Swim Games Skin Pack was released without any associating episode or possibly alongside of Ep 47: Apocalypse Ow!. It can be bought for 99 cents in the Customization store.

Customization Abilities

  • Meteor - turns into Amateur Surgeon Cutter
  • Dodo Bird - turns into Reginald Starfire Dodo
  • Doodler - turns into Mr. Shigoto Doodler
  • T-Rex Egg - turns into Tommy G Egg
  • Coconut - turns into Cut Out Heart
  • Outhouse - turns into Condo Stack Outhouse
  • Spear - turns into Amateur Scalpel
  • Volcano - turns into Boat Head Volcano
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into Lord Ferocious (A Monster Ate My Condo), Robot Unicorn (Robot Unicorn Attack, Alan Probe (Amateur Surgeon)
  • Underwater Statue - turns into Fat Lady Statue
  • Moon - turns into Robot Unicorn Star
  • Shark - turns into Geisha Finger Shark


  • The Pygmies have a cameo in Amateur Surgeon 3 in exchange for this.
  • This is the first skin pack to contain blood and gore.