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Filling out the book

To gain access to the alchemy book you must first complete the seasonal challenge or use bones to purchase it, then you may begin filling out the book. Then to fill out all the pages you will need access to all of the islands which can either be done by collecting map pieces, completing seasonal challenges or using bones to purchase them.

Once gained access to the islands you can fill out the pages by visiting different islands and combining ingredients. Some of the ingredients are provided with the cooking pot others are the pigmies themselves, fish, additional ingredients made from the combinations and plants that you will need purchase from the store (either with sacrifice coins or bones) and grow. Animals are not able to be put into the pot as of yet. When you make the correct combination with the ingredients a potion or new ingredient will be produced from the cooking pot. 

The Islands

Sand Island:

Rock + Gold Tooth = Freeze Potion (Given)

Hay + Candle = Love Potion

Green Gem + Coconut = Melt Potion

Mushroom + Blue Gem = Green Gem


White Tooth + Pygmy + Mushroom = Giant Potion

Red Gem + Hay + Rock = Helium Potion

Gold Tooth + Candle + Coconut = Sleep Potion

Pygmy + Blue Gem + White Tooth = Red Gem

- - -

Big Sand Island:

Half Bone + Cupcake = Black Potion (Given)

Cheeseburger + Rose = Classic Dance Potion

Bent Nail + Straight Nail = Nail Potion

Pygmy +Full Bone = Cheese Burger


Coconut + Half Bone + Mushroom = Toad Potion

Full Bone + Coconut + Rose = Small Potion

Pie + Mushroom + Bent Nail = Flight Potion

Cupcake + Straight Nail + Pygmy = Pie

- - -

Jungle Island:

For this island you will need to use fishing rod to have a pygmy catch fish for ingredients. The fishing rod can be bought from the store either using sacrifice coins or bones. 

Star + Apple = Burn Potion (Given)

Pygmy + Orangefish = Glow Potion

Lightning Bolt + Strawberry = Lightning Potion

Feather + Grapes = Lightning Bolt


Piranha Fish + Star + Grapes = Undead Potion

Strawberry + Carrot + Mushroom = Explosion Potion

Apple + Feather + Pygmy = Irish Dance Potion

Orangefish + Bluefish + Greenfish = Piranha Fish

- - -

Golden Island:

For this island you will need access to the Reef Guardian either by completing the quest or buy using sacrifice or bones. You will need the Ref Guardian to "spew" up trash by throwing 5 pygmies at him. 

Key + Cupcake = YPDA Dance Potion (Given)

Starfish(Trash) + Egg = Combustion Potion

Helmet + Gold Coin = Pumpkin Potion

Scepter + Cactus Bomb = Crescent


Crescent + Flower (Trash) + Pygmy = Anvil Potion

Pygmy + Cupcake +Coconut = Ink Potion

Egg + Scepter + Helmet = Howling Potion

Gold Coin + Mushroom +Tire (Trash) = Key

- - -

Mayan Crypt:

Skull + Beats = Drunk Potion

Blue Button + Pygmy = Sharp Potion

Eyeball + Red Button = Impale Potion

Spoon + Fork = Eyeball


Heart + Blue Button + Beats = Skeleton Potion

Cactus Bomb + Mushroom + Skull = Elf Dance Potion

Skull + Coconut + Red Button = Gold Potion

Fork + Pygmy + Cactus Bomb = Heart


• The two pages at the back is not only two pages, it is 30 blank pages and there's an arrow on the right. When you complete the alchemy book, the 30 pages will complete and become a story.

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