Alien Drivers are the enemies in the Hover Jump mini-game.


The Alien Drivers (during the Hover Jump mini-game) attempt to bump the Pygmy in the Hover Car into the wall, which will make the Hover Car explode. Alien Drivers can be used to get points in the mini-game by jumping on top of their car, awarding the player 100 points. Also, if the player can successfully bump into a driver and cause their car to hit the wall, they will gain 400 points, but this is much riskier.

Known Alien Drivers

  • Purple Alien Driver - As seen in the gallery as the picture on the left, the Purple Alien Driver is a purple alien, with two eyes, tentacles, and sharp teeth. It drives a green hover car, and appears from the beginning.
  • Robot Alien Driver - As seen in the gallery as the picture in the middle, the Robot Alien Driver is a robot alien, with wheels, two eyes, teeth, and is made of metal. This Alien Driver is a vehicle, adn is very similar to the Purple Alien Driver interms of functionality. It also appears from the beginning.
  • Blue Alien Driver - As seen in the gallery as the picture on the right, the Blue Alien Driver is a blue alien, with three eyes, six tentacles, and dull teeth. The Blue Alien Driver rides in a rocket which is red with flames drawn in the front. Unlike the other aliens, the Blue Alien Driver is aggressive and tries to bump you with his rocket. He appears later in the mini-game.


  • The Robot Alien Driver is similar to the Disney Pixar movie character Wall-E.

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