The Alien World Skin Pack is a customization skin pack released for Pocket God with Ep 31: What's the Story Morning Gory?. It can be bought for 99 cents at the custom pack store in Pocket God.

Customization Abilities

This Skin Pack turns things in Pocket God into Alien things.

  • Meteor - Interrogator Droid or an Amoeba.
  • Dodo Bird - Alien Dodo, which has an odd pink beak, odd pink feet, gray body, orange wings, and a yellow tail.
  • Fish - Slug, green colored.
  • T-Rex Egg - Alien Egg.
  • Outhouse - Transporter Outhouse.
  • Spear - Light Saber
  • Volcano - Flying Saucer which is gray with a green glass covering.
  • Sand Island Statue - 2001 Monolith which looks like a sheet of metal.
  • Underwater Statue - an Alien Octopus which looks the same as the Octopus Statue but is green and has 3 eyes.
  • Moon - Ringed Planet which looks like Saturn but is blue with a green ring.
  • Igloo - Igloo Bot which is metal with one green and two red buttons.
  • The islands extras add weird purple fruit, purple mushrooms, green vines, and big leaves.