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The Anchor

The Anchor is an item exclusive to The Underwater Area and is used to trigger the Bait Master Game. It was introduced in Ep 23: Bait Master.


When toggled on, the anchor will appear on the seafloor. If you pick it up and drop it, a large clang sound will be made when it hits the seafloor, sending vibrations through the water, summoning a Piranha. Draw a path from the piranha to a Pygmy with your finger to make the piranha swim towards that Pygmy and attack it. This starts the Bait Master mini-game where you see how many piranhas you can serve and then drag offscreen without them hitting each other, in a manner similar to "Harbor Master". Dragging two Piranhas will cause them to fight and swim away,ending the game.

See Also


  • This is also one of the things that you can use on the Golden Island on Pocket God Facebook to sacrifice pygmies.

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