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A Pygmy in the altar

The Ape Altar (known in Story Mode as the Claw Altar and also known simply as the Sacrificial Altar) on Ape Mountain is an altar in which Pygmies are sacrificed to the Giant Ape.

Physical Characteristics of the Altar

The altar consists of a platform on top of which is a large pedestal with two skulls. When a Pygmy is placed on it, its arms and legs will become bound to the altar.


  • When the "Ape Altar" option is toggled on, not on is the sacrificial altar itself brought onto the screen but so is the Winch and the Bongos. Therefore, a more proper title for the toggle icon would be "Ape Sacrifice" as it encompasses all the elements of said sacrifice.

Performing the Sacrifice

To perform the Ape Sacrifice, the two torches must be lit by Lightning. A Pygmy must be played at the Winch and the Bongos, and by putting your finger in a circular motion Pygmy will winch and the pedestal will be raised, stretching out the Pygmy's arms and legs which are bound. When at the right height of being winched, the skulls will shine yellow. Then, when the bongos are played, the Giant Ape will appear and eat the sacrificial Pygmy.


  • It was first known its official name was the "Claw Altar" from the story "A Pygmy a Day Keeps the Ape Away".
  • The skulls will light up when the pygmy mounted on the altar is about to die.