The Ape Idol is a new feature added in Ep 36: Konkey Dong to Ape Mountain.


It is a large stone idol shaped like the monkey Konkey Dong. It has a green jewel on the top (similar to the Gem of Life atop the Sand Island Statue) and its stone arms are placed so that a Pygmy can be dropped into them. The idol looks similar to the Basic Idol and All-Knowing Idol as in respects to they are all made of stone and have a gem planted somewhere on them.


It is toggled on with the Banana Tree, and if a Pygmy is sticked in it,  Konkey Dong will kidnap that Pygmy. Another Pygmy must go through a 5-level mini-game to rescue the kidnapped Pygmy.


  • The Ape Idol clearly has some magical properties if it is able to summon Konkey Dong by placing a Pygmy into it.