Aquapella is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook, and is summoned when the Reef Guardian power is overused. She was introduced, along with the Reef Guardian, in Facebook Ep. 15: Creature from the Wack Lagoon.


She looks like a mermaid with green skin, darker green curly hair, and eyes with red pupils. She has red clothes that cover her chest. She appears very angry. She has a golden accesory in one arm.


The description of her challenge is:

You think you can bend MY husband to your will? No mortal or god has power over him, except for ME!

Her regular challenge requires 100 Pygmy deaths within three days.


When defeated, Aquapella gives you her idol. It looks exactly like Aquapella, despite the color of the idol. When turned on, her hair will glow.[citation needed] This idol gives more experience when sacrificing pygmies with the Reef Guardian.


  • The idol of Aquapella looks like she was in a pool instead of the sea.
  • In the challenge description, the one who's talking is Aquapella
  • Her husband is the Reef Guardian
  • Aquapella is a portmanteau of Aqua, a synonym for water and Acapella, a word that means singing a song without accompaniment, which is what mermaids usually do.

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