An Atom in Space

The Atom is an object that appears in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It is found in Space. It first appeared in Journey To Uranus Episode 4: Quantum Entanglement.


The Atom appears a nucleus of orange and green protons and neutrons with electrons orbiting the nucleus, like the typical atom diagram.


Main Article: Quantum Entanglement (Mini-Game)

Atoms are the main focus in the mini-game Quantum Entanglement. The player begins the game by placing a Pygmy on the Atom, which gives him quantum sickness and begins the game. The Atom then goes around the Solar System, moving to a different place every time you touch it with the Pygmy. However, the is a time limit; if you run out of time, the mini-game ends.


  • It is the second thing to float around space (besides the Pygmies), the first being Neeboo in his spaceship.
  • The atoms are enormous, which defies nature in a way that the atoms are smaller than nanoscopic matter.
  • The atom resembles the isotope Beryllium-7.

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