An automaton

Automatons are robot constructs made by Neeboo as his minions to assist him and Newbie. They have flashlights attached to their chests. They also have four, small metallic legs and a larger upper body. They also have long necks and a few sharp teeth.

They have the ability to shoot lasers (much similar to Neeboo's powers) from their heads, having a resemblance to the Laser Shark. It is first suspected when Ooga punches Newbie and the robots vaporized his legs under Neeboo's command. This is unconfirmed for the feline automatons.

Feline Automatons

Cat Construct

A feline automaton

Feline Automatons are fairly similar to the ordinary automatons, only that they are built in figures of cats. They also have a suspicious green gem on their heads. The first automaton appeared on the girls' island when Moon and Klak were exploring a place (with a tar pit). At issues 22 and 23, it is revealed that there were so many of them scattered around the island and on the desert.

They, unlike the ordinary automatons, have the ability to capture using their chests. First, the ribcage-like feature opens to capture something/someone and then pushes the prey in by enclosing the "cage". According to Klak, it has limited space.


  • These are the second robots to be introduced in the comics, with the seaweed monster being the first.
  • The feline automatons' way/s of arrival are unknown.
  • It is said (by Moon) that Booga wouldn't do anything with his fists, although it did when it came to the seaweed monster that is a teensy bit larger than the automatons.
    • It could be the fact that he and Moon are the only ones capable of doing it or the possibility of the presence of hidden additional automatons will be high, thus leaving them figuratively outnumbered.
  • It is evidenced (due to the feline automatons) that the pygmies know what cats are (Note: This would be surprising because they all live in a prehistoric[?] period and commonly, only extinct/rare animals exists at this point.)
  • They make the "SCHMORRRK" sounds, but this is unconfirmed for the feline automatons.
  • It is shown in issue 25 that there are more of these automatons (both the feline and the original ones) stored in a room that Sun had escaped to.

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