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The avatar is a customizable avatar the player can use as a way of expressing their selves using a pygmy. It was introduced in June, 19th 2012.


The avatar is similar to pygmies other than the fact it has:

  • Glowing eyes
  • Carries a coconut shield and a bamboo sword
  • Has several effects to animals, plants and some devices such as the Sun stone.
  • If levitated onto either kind of Venus flytrap, the Venus flytrap will start to surge with yellow sparks and grin, whilst green liquid(acid) begins frothing out of it's mouth. If clicked twice, it will spurt acid from it's mouth, dissolving all pygmies (and your friend's avatars).
  • Is almost indestructible by the giant squid.

How to make it to NOT attack

You can block him/her in different ways.

  • Make him/her enter the hot spring.
  • Make him/her ride the Venus Flytrap, and make the flytrap to eat a pygmy: the avatar is nowhere, but if you click the flytrap, it will make the flytrap to spout off an powerful acid.
  • Make him/her fish.
  • Kill the avatar.
  • Shoot it with an arrow using Crazy Monkeys. (This runs out after some time!)

Special Features

The avatar also has special features that include:

  • Strength

Strength is exactly as it sounds: the amount of strength your avatar has. For every pygmy killed by the avatar, 1 str is gained. For every friend killed by the avatar, 5 str is gained.

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