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The axe

The Axe is an item found on the Graveyard Island in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It was introduced in Ep. 5: Planet of the Living Dead.



A Pygmy defending himself with the Axe

The axe just looks like a normal axe with a wooden handle and a metal blade.


The Axe is used by Pygmies to cut off body parts of a Zombie Pygmy when it tries to attack the them. Once the head of a Zombie Pygmy is cut off, it is rendered harmless and unable to infect other Pygmies.


  • IMG 0141

    The axe in action.

    The Axe can only stay at the Graveyard Island but Zombie Pygmies can go anywhere, which means in all other places the Pygmies are defenseless.
  • Unlike all other Pygmy tools, the Pygmies will only use the axe if you give (drop) it to them, as the Pygmies will not pick it up themselves.