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A baby pygmy!

The Baby Pygmy is a young Pygmy made in the Chamber of Time. Baby Pygmies were introduced in Ep 43: Killing Time.

Creating a baby

To make a baby, go to the Chamber of Time (inside of Apocalypse Island's temple). Put a pygmy on the time platform, move the lever until the time platform's on the near left and touch the platform. The Pygmy rewinds back in time and turns to a Baby.


Baby Pygmies
  • The Baby makes baby sounds and cries if you do nothing with it.
  • Babies bounce and giggle if you drop them from a high distance.
  • You can feed the baby by giving it food. After that, it poops its diaper and lets you know by saying "Poo poo" even though you aren't able to change it.
  • You can kill the baby by dropping it into the sea, flicking it into the sea or volcano, or feed it to a shark or T-Rex.
  • Most things can't kill the baby. For example, trying to feed a baby to the ants does not work.
  • If you try to feed it to a snake on the Island of Misfit Crossovers, the baby grabs the snake's head and shakes it like a rattle before throwing it away.
  • Babies bounce when placed in go go cage in the Dance Room or when you tap the screen with the dance option on.


  • If you name a Pygmy Baby Baby, the baby Pygmy will be named Baby Baby Baby.
  • If the baby pygmy is sacrificed in the graveyard island, it will form a ghost that is fully grown.