A baby spider wraps up a pygmy

The Baby Spiders are children of the Barking Spider that appeared in Ep 28: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy.

How to Summon Them

Main Article: Barking Spider

When you put a Pygmy in the Spider Web on Graveyard Island and tap him, a baby spider resembling a black widow will come out and wrap up the pygmy with more web. Now you will see the struggling pygmy wrapped up. Tap him again to break open the cocoon and see more baby spiders (this time bright green) scatter, apparently done feasting on him. The Barking Spider, if toggled on, will then come out to defend the babies, and the Barking Spider battle will start.


  • In the Pocket God Comics, Klak is wrapped in a cocoon which proceeds to break into baby spiders. Ooga then squishes one of the baby spiders that was crawling on Nooby's hat.

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