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Preview image for this episode, with a battle between the Dodo God and the Demon God

For the episode that introduced the mini-game, see Ep 40: Battle of the Gods.

Battle of the Gods is a rock-paper-scissors type game that appears in the temple of God Island. It offers direct battle with and against the Gods from Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods, and is the first mini-game in Pocket God that offers multi-player battles.


How to Access this Mini-Game

In order to play this minigame, you must first complete at least four challenges from the Challenge of the Gods. Go to the God Island and select four idols from the "Choose idols" menu. Place the four idols on the four pedestals, and the temple door will open. Drop a Pygmy into the temple to start the game.

How to play

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Rules of the game

Here you have a chance to go up against every episode's god. In the battle, both sides get four idols that have certain attributes and powers. Choose the right idols at each turn to win the battle. It plays like a two-tiered rock-paper-scissors, and each idol has a chance of damaging the opponent's health.

First is a 5-way contest based on the idols' Realms. The side with the winning Realm gets to activate that idol's power. A tie gets nothing for either side.

Second is a 3-way contest based on the idols' Attack Types. The winning type causes damage to the losing type.

After the attack is resolved, the activated powers take effect. Those effects can be attack/defense bonuses, direct healing or damage, or even canceling other activated powers.

If a Pygmy's health drops to zero at any point, the battle is over. The losing Pygmy is consumed by the attacker's Realm of choice.

Attack Types


Strong Strong

Beats Counter, loses to Fast

Fast Fast

Beats Strong, loses to Counter

Counter Counter

Beats Fast, loses to Strong


Oceanus Oceanus

  • Beats Aeris and Infernus, loses to Animus and Pax
  • On Victory, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A waterspout shoots out of the hole, lifting the Pygmy up, then it (and the Pygmy) drop into the hole.

Aeris Aeris

  • Beats Infernus and Pax, loses to Oceanus and Animus
  • On Victory, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A whirlwind comes out, carries the Pygmy around the screen for a second, then drops down the hole with him.

Infernus Infernus

  • Beats Animus and Pax, loses to Oceanus and Aeris
  • On Victory, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. Hands reach out of the hole, grab the Pygmy, and pull him in.

Animus Animus

  • Beats Oceanus and Aeris, loses to Infernus and Pax
  • On Victory, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. A large black monster wraps its tongue around the Pygmy and eats him.

Pax Pax

  • Beats Animus and Oceanus, loses to Aeris and Infernus
  • On Victory, a hole opens under the enemy Pygmy. Vines with flowers crawl over the Pygmy and drag him into the hole.

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