Big Booga is one of the enemies of the mini-game Decapithon and is considered to be the boss.


Big Booga has blue flesh, four teeth, Booga's rag, a unibrow, and cuts all over his body. He has the same hair style of Booga. He is about twice as tall and wide as a normal Pygmy.


Big booga attack

Big Booga attacks

Big Booga can attack the player by raining flaming bones and skulls from the sky and by spitting three of his rotten teeth. He takes exactly 50 hits to kill. He always appears with a structure resembling an ancient ruin and a Gate. Big Booga appears once in level 3, once in level 5, twice in level 6, thrice in level 7, and twice in level 8. The Big Booga's in level 7 must be fought consecutively and the Big Booga's in level 8 must be fought simultaneously.


  • Defeat any other zombies (if you can) before defeat Big Booga. This way, flying arms and acid loogies from the other zombies will not get in the way of jumping over teeth and avoiding skulls.
  • Watch out for teeth while you are hitting him. As he is too busy making the sound of being hit, he will not make the sound of spitting his rotten teeth.
  • When it is raining skulls and bones, keep on the lowest level possible. Doing this, you will have more time to react from skulls and bones you can see. If you are near the top of the screen, you will have less warning of skulls and bones coming to hit you.



Big Booga's cameo

  • He has a cameo in Pocket God: Ooga Jump as a Graveyard background's extra, alongside with the Moon Witch. Sometimes, you can see him already like at the picture above or he will stick his arm out and rise from the grave to peep.
  • He may be the zombie version of Booga, because he has the same skirt and has "Booga" in his name.
  • His head's shape is rather looking like a square instead of the usual oval shape.

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