Big Island with the Coconut Tree, the All-Knowing Idol, the Cocodrink Fridge, the Hot Spring, and six Pygmies (three soaking in the Hot Spring)

Big Island is an island inhabited by Pygmies in Pocket God Facebook that, along with Sand Island and Tiny Islet, makes up the Divine Archipelago. It was introduced in Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go.



Big Island as seen from the Map

Hence its name, it is the largest of the islands in the archipelago, having the capacity for 6 Pygmies at a time. Everything that is available on the other islands is available here. At first everything had to be purchased again even if it was purchased on the original island, except for God Powers, Idols, and Rival God Idols. However, this has been fixed and everything from other islands is available here. However, plants need to be grown again and devices built again.



Big Island before it is possessed

For the player to possess this island, he or she must have at least five friends who play Pocket God on Facebook. If not, the player can send out requests or use 50 Pocket Change. The island will then say "God is Here" when the player visits that island.


Sand Island can only contain one plant, one idol, one device or geologic feature, but the Big Island can contain one plant, one idol, and two devices (either the Cocodrink Fridge, the St. Pat Fridge, and/or the Weapon Rack) or geologic features (the Tar Pit and/or the Hot Spring), and one bird. It can also hold two of the Fire Ants, Geyser, and Fishing Rod, but not all three. Of course, the Volcano can always be in the background.

Sixth Pygmy

Because this island is so big, the player is given a sixth Pygmy to control and customize. This new pygmy's name is "Ooga" (appearing as a normal pygmy before he is customized). Strangely, it is known that Ooga is usually the first pygmy of the tribe, not the last.


Like the other items, the wildlife is the Shark, the Dodo Bird and the Orange Fish when the fishing rod is toggled on.

God Powers

Like the other islands, the god powers are Gravity, Lightning, Hurricane, Lunar Phases, Hailstorm, and the Chilly Snow.