The Black Hole

Not to be confused the vortex, a spawning mechanism.

The Black Hole is a hazard for Pygmies found in the Space area of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 4: Quantum Entanglement.


In Space


A Pygmy being sucked in

The main, permanent black hole is in the upper-left corner of Space. If a Pygmy is dragged over a black hole, they will be stretched in a spiral shape towards the center of it and get sucked in. Along with the Sun, the Black Hole is the only way a Pygmy can be killed in Space outside of a mini-game. There is only one black hole in space; it is located in the upper left corner of Space.

In "Quantum Entanglement"

While playing the mini-game "Quantum Entanglement", after the eighth and tenth atoms are caught, a random black hole will appear somewhere. Any pygmies not involved with the minigame will still get caught in the temporary black hole. Once the main pygmy is caught in a black hole, all temporary black holes will disappear. Another temporary black hole appears between atoms #10 and #11.


  • Sometimes, Earth or Uranus will be superimposed with a black hole. However, the planets will not get sucked in, contrary to physics and astronomy.
  • Oddly, Neeboo and his spaceship will not get sucked into the black hole.