The Bloodthirsty Idol on the player's island

The Bloodthirsty Idol is an idol that can be bought in Pocket God (Facebook) for 1,000 Sacrifice Points.


The Bloodthorsty Idol gives the player double Sacrifice Coins and no Experience after every sacrifice, the polar opposite of its sister idol, the All-Knowing Idol. Experiencing this idol may be bad for someone who wants to level up faster, but it also has an advantage; it can help someone who stocks up Sacrifice Coins to spend in the store on the Pocket God game you can play on the social network.


The Bloodthirsty Idol appears to be a stone statue of a person sitting down with a lion/dragon mask on. There are feather sticking atop its head, right above the jewel. The jewel on its head is a blue diamond shape gem that sits in the forehead of the statue.

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