The bomb cactus

The Bomb Cactus is an exclusive plant on Pocket God on Facebook. It bears the dangerous and explosive Bomb Fruit.


This plant is a pale green and covered with spikes. It has three main orange, spiky, grenade-looking Bomb Fruit and some smaller bomb fruit-like sprouts. As of Pocket God Episode 2, the bomb fruits were raised to a higher growing place. It is able to be bought at level 13 for 4000 Sacrifice Points.


The plant grows in 1 day. When full grown, the bomb cactus produces Bomb Fruit. The the player can use the bomb fruit to injure the Pygmies in a variety of ways explained below.


The Bomb Cactus withers after 6 days (and as of Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye) from the 16 hours before that. Then it must be weeded out and bought in the store.

Bomb Fruit

Main article: Bomb Fruit.

Bomb Fruit are the fruit that are grown on the bomb cactus. When the player drags the bombfruit off the plant, the bomb fruit begins blinking red. After a few moments the fruit explodes. If a Pygmy is near to it, the Pygmy will be covered in nails and run around the island in panic, falling falling off and drowning. If is Pygmy is far enough away from the explosion, they will simply be blown into the water and drown.

If a Pygmy eats a bomb fruit before it has the chance to explode, the Pygmy will blast off into the sky with a trail of fire and smoke. If the bomb fruit is dropped directly into the water, then a Blue Fish, a Green Fish, a black Angler Fish and an Orange Fish will float up dead from the depths of the water.

The rival god of killing Pygmies with the bomb fruit, and thus the bomb cactus, is The Warmonger.


  • The second stage of the bomb cactus resembles an enemy from the Final Fantasy series called "Cactuar".
  • The bomb fruit look like hand grenades.
  • The fish killing due to bomb cactus' fruit/s quite mirrors the act of dynamite fishing (or maybe Muro Ami).

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