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An example of someone with 2546 bones

Bones (formly known as Pocket Change) is a currency used in Pocket God Facebook. The amount the player has is showed under the bone one similar to the ones the Pygmies wear in their hair.



An old version of displayed bones

Bones are more rare than Sacrifice Points and are only rewarded for leveling up. The player receives one Bone each time they level up. However, if the player wants Bones more quickly, it can purchase be purchased with Facebook Credits (which cost real-world money or are rewarded for doing a Deal of the Day).

Purchasing Bones


Many items in the game cost Bones, such as idols and boosts, and so player can purchase more for higher prices.

Former Deals

  • 10 Bones for $.49.
  • 25 Bones for $.99.
  • 150 Bones for $4.99.
  • 2000 Bones for $49.99.
  • 9000 Bones for $99.99.
  • 20000 Bones for $200.12.

Current Deals

  • 35 Bones for 20 Facebook Credits
  • 100 Bones for 50 Facebook Credits
  • 500 Bones for 200 Facebook Credits
  • 1500 Bones for 500 Facebook Credits
  • 3500 Bones for 1000 Facebook Credits
  • 2500 Sacrifice Points for 10 Facebook Credits
  • 20000 Sacrifice Points for 50 Facebook Credits
  • 50000 Sacrifice Points for 100 Facebook Credits


  • In the tab that addresses the 2000 pocket change deal, the game calls it a "Croesus Deal." Croesus was a very extremely wealthy king who lived 6th century B.C. In the new deals involving Facebook Credits, the deal involving 2000 Pocket change is simply known as the "Best Value".
  • The term "Pocket Change" in real life refers to small amounts of money such as pennies, nickels, and dimes. But, ironically, Pocket Change in the game is worth a lot and is hard to come by. 

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