Window of this quest

California Drowning is a quest on Pocket God Facebook.


The message of this mission is:

Drinks, surf, and parties. Just like in the movies. How could anything go wrong?


The objective of this quest is to answer 10 grace requests for Cocodrink from the Cocodrink Fridge, sacrifice 50 Pygmies by using the Dance Dance power (or other types of dances, and sacrifice ? Pygmies using the tsunami caused by the Reef Guardian.

If the player desires, he or she can complete the quest for 50 Bones.



Victory message for this quest

When the player beats this quest, he/she will receieve 500 Experience and 2,000 Sacrifice Coins. The victory message is:

Oh, yeah. They don't have a sacrifice-thristy god in the movies.


  • In the victory message, the word "thirsty" is spelled wrong.

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