The Candy Land Skin Pack is a skin pack introduced in Ep 42: Bone Soup. You can now cover The Pocket God World with candy themed objects, such as a Pez Dispenser in the shape of a Pygmy for the Sand Island Statue, a Licquorice Whip Meteor, a Cupcake outhouse and Candy-Style Extras to make your own sugar paradise. This skin pack cost 99 cents.

Customization Abilities

  • Meteor - turns into a Donut or Licorice
  • Dodo Bird - turns into a Candy Dodo
  • Fish - turns into a Gummy bear
  • Doodler - turns into a Wonka Doodler
  • T-Rex Egg - Gumball Machine
  • Coconut - turns into and M and M or a Cherry
  • Outhouse - turns into a Cupcake
  • Spear - turns into a Licorice Stick
  • Volcano - turns into a Candy Corn Volcano or a Creme Caramel Volcano
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into a Pygmy Pez Dispenser
  • Underwater Statue - turns into a Treasure Chest
  • Moon - turns into a Jaw Breaker or a Chocolate Pretzel
  • Igloo - turns into Belgian Chocolate or Meringue


  • This Skin Pack features the second time the Fish has a gummy alteration. The first being a Gummy Fish and the new skin being a GummyBear.
  • The Wonka Doodler it's a reference to Willy Wonka of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory