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Tribe Ookga Chaka (Male Pygmies)

Ooga used to be immature before, but as the story progresses, he changes this for the better. His tagline in issues 20 or possibly up to 25 and above is "The Cynic Prankster Co-Leader".

Booga is somewhat described as the tribe's muscle-head and is hygienically challenged. His tagline at the start of Issues 20 and so on is "The Smelly Tough Guy".

Nooby is the one of the main characters and tends to speak in third person. His tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Lovable Goofy Simpleton".

Dooby lies his beliefs on the universe and Mother Nature. His tagline on the current story arc is "The Groovy Zen Dude".

Klik is the tribe's scientist and is dubious on almost every situation. His tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Scientist Inventor".

Klak is an accident prone and tends to crave food. His tagline in the introduction page of The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Unlucky Klutzy Pessimist".

Female Tribe

Sun is a dynamic girl of action, like her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back!.

Moon is a dare-devil and is shown to be sarcastic in tone. Her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Dangerous Goth Girl".

Kinsee is a resentful boy-hater, which is also her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back!.

Linsee is an irresponsible party-girl, just like what her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! implies.

Toola is shown to be sensitive on her looks, and the most motherly of her tribe. Her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Flirty Earth-Mother".

Teela is another pygmy of science made to match Klik. Her tagline in The Pygmies Strike Back! is "The Shy Science Nerd".


Newbie is an evil cone of Nooby, much like his tagline from Issue 25 and possibly so on.

Neeboo is a new villain of the comic series and is the one true culprit who created all the automatons the pygmies had to fight in Issues 22-25.


Red (also known as Saint Prickulous) is a Santa Claus-like figure, and appears in Issue 5, X-Mas Marks the Spot as a flawed protagonist.

Chicken is a T-Rex who chased the pygmies in Issues 2 & 3, but was then tamed as a zombie by Nooby in Issue 9.

The Bubble Breathers are fish-like people who help the pygmies on their underwater adventures. They pepper their speech to identify each other, due them having poor eyesight.

Darby is a ghost pygmy who guides Nooby through his mind. His tagline is "The Cryptic Ghost".

Nox appears to be the silhouette of a giant owl-like god, and his full appearance has never been shown. He appears in Klik's dreams, giving him advice. He is also revealed to be one to the Bird Men.

The Bird Men are anthropomorphic birds who rescue the pygmies from Neeboo's robots, but one eventually kidnaps Klak in Issue 24.


  • Neeboo and most of all the other major/minor characters do not have taglines.
  • Charlie and Tom are guest pygmies, yet neither officially appear in the comics. Not even popular demand could make them appear as expected.
  • In the Pygmy Profiles, there is an extra character called the "Mystery Pygmy". This new character will probably appear in future issues of the series. Popular belief states that this pygmy could be Charlie, while others say it may be Tom (though there may be little or no evidence). Some even believe it might be the cousin of Klak (as said in Issue 3), but this is unlikely since Klak's cousin died from a crocodile attack.
  • In Allan Dye's Tumblr blog, there is a draft of two new Pygmies, one male and one female, who would possibly appear much later in the comics.