Chamber of Time

The Chamber of Time

The Chamber of Time is the first Chamber found inside the Apocalypse Temple in the Apocalypse Island. It was inroduced in Ep 43: Killing Time, along with the island and the temple.


The room is composed of bluish stone blocks with a center stone area. The back wall has a large hourglass symbol on it, with a lit brazier or either side. In front of the symbol is a golden platform. Below the center area is a large golden lever that moves the platform to one of four positions from left to right.

There are stone doors on the left and right sides. The left one goes back to Apocalypse Island. The right one goes to the Chamber of Locusts.



The Chamber of Time, before the right door was opened.

If you place a Pygmy on the platform and tap on it, it will change the Pygmy to one of four alternatives, depending on the platform's position:

  • The leftmost position will change a pygmy into an Old Fart Pygmy.
  • The second position will change a pygmy into a Baby Pygmy.
  • The third position will change a pygmy into a Ginger Pygmy from an alternate dimension.
  • The rightmost position will change a pygmy into a Fast Pygmy from an alternate dimension.

In all cases, tapping the platform a second time will change the pygmy back to their normal form.


  • It is the first Chamber of the Apocalypse Island.
  • It is the first area from a specific island that is not for a mini-game.
  • So far, this is the only Chamber wich has one single doorway to another.

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