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The Chicken Itza temple replaces the volcano on the Jungle island in Pocket God Facebook. When activated, a large floating temple will appear in the background. When you launch a pygmy in, a layer of the temple will light up. If you launch another one in another row will change color. After another launch, the final row will light up and burning light will fall onto the island, sort of like the volcano. when caught on fire, the pygmies will run around before getting burnt.

Spoiler Alert!

In the quest Jungle Exploration 6, the user must fill his island with pygmies, then unleash the Avatar. Before the Avatar can kill any of the pygmies, the user must flick the Avatar into the Chicken Itza pyramid. This will not kill the Avatar- it will bounce back out of the pyramid and land on the island, sending a massive shockwave across the island, which kills the pygmies that were already spawned there.

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