The island with the Chilly Snow power turned on

Chilly Snow is a god power in Pocket God Facebook added in Facebook Ep. 12: White Fishmas. It can be purchased from the store for 100 Bones.



It must be used when Storm Clouds are activated. When active, light snowfall will appear and pygmies will stick their tongues out and digest a snowflake. The pygmy will rub its stomach and smile. However, if that pygmy eats a blue snowflake, they will freeze and become immobile.


Icicle shrapnel

The are four sacrifices associated with this power. To achieve the first, pick up the frozen pygmy and drop it. It will disintegrate and if Pygmies are near, the Pygmies will be stabbed with many ice shards. Similar to when it is in contact with the shrapnel of a Bomb Fruit from a Bomb Cactus, the Pygmy (or Pygmies) will run around stabbed with icicles until it/they reach the edge of the island and fall into the water). But if you drop a Frozen pygmy in between 2 pygmies, the two pygmies beside the Frozen pygmy will get the icicle shards/pricks/sharpnel.

Yikes 2

The two pygmies got the icicle shards. They're in the position the additional info told you about.

Tongue stuck to ice

The second sacrifice is when you leave the frozen pygmy alone, eventually another pygmy will come along an lick the frozen pygmy. Humourously, the pygmy will try to free its tongue, then will snap off and hit the ground with such force that the pygmy kills itself.

Frozen Pygmy in water

The fourth sacrifice is when you drop the frozen pygmy in the water. The frozen pygmy will bob on the surface for a few seconds, then sink.


  • This is the 4th time that the pygmies have been frozen in any incarnation of the Pocket God franchise. The first was when you change the Temperature of the Sun to low in the PG game, the second is freeing Pygmies in both Fridges in PG: Facebook, and the third is Underwater Temple Ice Code in PG.

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