Chocoro the Bunny, or just simply Chocoro, is a worldwide challenge in Pocket God Facebook. It was issued in Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye for the holiday of Easter.


Chocoro the Bunny is a large, overweight blue rabbit. He has three black whiskers on each side of his face and two buck teeth. He has an easter egg-like stomach and is surrounded by candy wrappers. As a rival god, he changed the Coconut into an Easter Egg for a limited time.


His challenge message is:

Chocoro likes eggs. For a limited time, the coconut tree will be bearing easter eggs

His challenge is for the player (and every other player in the world) to feed 250000 Pygmies easter eggs when they ask for them with a Grace Request. The loot to share is 1250000 XP and 25000000 Sacrifice Points.


When defeated, Chocoro the Bunny released an idol. The victory message is:

Everyone is full of chocolate and very happy. Chocoro has a gift for you.

The idol looks like an old stuffed rabbit which has patches on it. When activated, the idol's ears flap up and down and its eyes change from green to red. The idol gives 3 times the amount of Sacrifice Coins for graces.


  • Chocoro is based on the character Totoro,of a Japanese movie named "My neighbour Totoro", but with chocolate in the name instead.
  • It is one of the four rival god challenges involving grace requests, the other three being Mother Nature, Fridge Madness and The Liberty Bell.

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