The Christmas Tree was a limited time holiday tree available in the shop on Pocket God Facebook for 60 Bones.


The Christmas Tree is a large green fir tree decorated with colorful rocks, blue flowers, pink flowers, pale shells, and a yellow star ontop. tree grew in three hours and withered in five days.


First Release

Christmas tree

Christmas Tree in an ad for it

The tree was first released for the Christmas season 2010. The interactions included swallowing up Pygmies and spitting out gifts. After being available to the power, it was taken off the Store after the Christmas season had passed and was not seen again for a whole year.

Second Release

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The Christmas Tree

In honor of the Christmas season of 2011, the Christmas Tree (and the Elf Dance) made a return, being available temporarily for a certain amount of bones [information needed] in Facebook Ep. 12: White Fishmas. It is assumed that, once bought, it served the same purpose it did when it was released the year before.


If clicked, the tree would lunge down and swallow Pygmies into their leaves. After this, the tree will spit out a Gift which has its own interactions with the Pygmies. If a pygmy desired a gift and was given one, the player would receive a free Devotion Point. It withers after 7 days and grows in 3 hours.


  • It is odd that the creaters of Pocket God would add a Christmas Tree into the game as Fishmas was the holiday the pygmies celebrated, thus making the Christmas Tree new to them.
  • Christmas Tree is now on sale on facebook and will never be gone again. (Can be bought for 80 Pocket Change)

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