Chubby Turkey flying

The Chubby Turkey. Beware!

The Chubby Turkey is a bird that first appeared in Facebook Ep. 11: Say your Prayers.


The Chubby Turkey was introduced for the holiday of Thanksgiving. It costs 5 Sacrifice Coins. It cannot coexist with the Dodo Bird, as both use the same space.


The Chubby Turkey looks like a typical turkey. It has a red head, with a light brown, feathered body, small, black wings, and a large, pink and orange tail.


When left alone, the Chubby Turkey acts exactly like the Dodo Bird- it flies around the top of the screen. However, it does not pursue fish. When hit by lightning, it becomes a Thanksgiving-style cooked turkey, slightly bigger than the Cooked Dodo Bird. If eaten, there will be a loud roar and two Chubby Turkeys will land on the island, one on each end. They will then march forward. They will start pecking each unoccupied Pygmy they meet. The Pygmy will get angry, at which point the Chubby Turkey will bite its head off. Once all unoccupied Pygmies are dead, the Chubby Turkeys will fly off the other side of the screen. Sacrifing a Pygmy this way gives 30 Sacrifice Coins and 5 Experience.

Glitches using Chubby Turkey
Flying Turkey Glitch


  • In Pocket God Facebook the Chubby Turkey can fly, though in real life Turkeys can't fly well.
  • The turkey is very similar to the Dodo Bird.

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