Clouds are visible masses of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth. In Pocket God, a cloud is a potential source of chaos and havoc for you to wreak. Clouds are central to the original Pocket Gods minigame Ooga Jump. Storm clouds can produce lightning and generate hurricanes. Otherwise, a cloud is a perfectly normal piece of scenery.


Clouds are white puffballs in the sky on a cloudy day. They allow you to play with lightning and hurricanes in all three Pocket God games.However, Pocket God: Journey to Uranus does not have the hurricane function. Clouds were introduced in Ep 1: Nowhere To Go, Nothin' To Do, Journey To Uranus Episode 1: Journey To Uranus, and Facebook Ep. 1: Pocket God, antisocial.

Ooga Jump

Main article: Ooga Jump (Mini-Game)

Ooga Jump is a minigame playable in Pocket God. Ooga Jump was released in Ep 22: Ooga Jump. The player bounces on several varieties of clouds, trying to bounce as high as possible while avoiding Doodlers.

Varieties of Clouds

White Cloud

Main Article: White Cloud

A white cloud

White clouds are the standard form of clouds.

Storm Cloud

Main Article: Storm Cloud

Storm Clouds in the original game

Ice Cloud

Main Article: Ice Cloud
Ice cloud

An ice cloud

Ice clouds are currently exclusive to the Ooga Jump minigame.

Fake Cloud

Fake clouds are exclusive to Ooga Jump. A fake cloud is a cloud that looks like a white cloud that is not filled in. Jumping on a fake cloud causes the cloud to disappear and the pygmy to fall through. It is the source of much frustration.

Uranian Gas Cloud

Main Article: Uranian Gas Clouds
Screen shot 2011-02-10 at 9.43.38 PM copy

Uranian Gas Clouds

Uranian Gas Clouds are toxic clumps of green air that, when inhaled turns the pygmy into purple goo. It bears a striking resemblance to Chlorine, a real-life poisonous gas.


  • "Jump on storm cloud" and "jump on ice cloud" are tasks in Pocket God.
  • Clouds are white, but may seem purple or pink due to pollution. Thankfully, the pygmies cannot drive cars.

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