The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef is an area in Pocket God introduced in Ep 41: I Sting The Body Electric. To enter this island you swipe the Tsunami Wave from the right to left or just get to it via the map.


The 9th area added to the Pocket God World, there are only two island-specific interactions.


The Coral Reef has a temple in the background and many underwater plants. Fish also swim in the background similar to The Underwater Area.

Island-Specific Interactions

Pocketgod screen


Main article: Jellyfish

The jellyfish will automatically appear unless turned off. There are five of them and they are light blue in color. They have a variety of ways to kill Pygmies, such as making a circle of death to kill the Pygmies by shocking them.

Underwater Pyramid

Main article: Underwater Pyramid

Introduced in Ep 42: Bone Soup, a series of 9 hieroglyphics appear on the underwater pyramid that light up when you touch them. When tapped in certain patterns, the nine symbols on the underwater pyramid will activate five powers: heat, cold, oil, acid and air. When dragged over a pygmy, these powers will cause him to die in different ways.

When a power is active, you use your finger to draw that power around the screen. The Pygmies will die from the power if you draw it over them. There is a unique death for each type of power. If the freezing pattern is made, the water freezes the pygmy inside an ice cube who then floats to the surface of the water. If the air pattern is made, an air bubble is enclosed around the pygmy who then floats to the surface of the water. If the acid power is enabled, green acid eats the pygmy's skin until he is a skeleton and then fades into the water. The heat power causes the pygmy to turn red and burn to death. For the oil power, the pygmy is absorbed by oil and then fades into the water.


  • The stone bricks that make up the Underwater Pyramid are different in shapes and sizes due to the symbols being inserted on some of the bricks.
  • One of the symbols looks a lot like the Marathon symbol.