Crazy Monkeys is a feature in Pocket God Facebook. It replaces and acts the same as the Fat Cupid. When activated, three monkeys will appear on the side of the screen. one monkey will point where the arrow will hit, and the other will launch the arrow. Acting like a Drunken Pygmy, the Pygmies that are hit by the arrow will have hearts above them and, when they make contact with non-in love pygmies, the intoxicated pygmy will kiss the other, regardless of pygmy gender. The kissed pygmy looks stunned for a moment, and then goes back to its business. If struck by Lightning, the Crazy Monkeys will take a more dangerous side. Becoming angry, their arrows will become black, and if fired at Pygmies it will blast them into ashes. If this arrow is fired at the Dodo Bird, the bird will become a Cooked Dodo Bird. If a certain amount of these blasting arrows are used, the arrow will become a stick of dynamite that will destroy pygmies. After this is used, the Crazy Monkeys will go back to their normal love-arrow shooting ways.

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