The Pygmies dancing on Sand Island at night

Dance, or Regular Dance to distinguish it from variations, is a god power in Pocket God and in Pocket God Facebook by the alternate title "Dance Dance".

In Pocket God

Normal Pygmies

In order to make the Pygmies dance, you must tap your finger on the screen to a consistent rhythm. Fireworks also appear in the sky where you tap it when you make them dance.

Zombie Pygmies

If you have a group of Zombie Pygmys and make them dance, instead of doing the regular dance they do some akin to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".

Types of Dance

There is a standard dance, but if you purchase customization packs you can change the dances. Here are variations on the regular dance:

The Dance Pack

  • Pants on the Ground
  • All The Single Ladies
  • The Robot
  • The Chicken Dance
  • The Fan Dance
  • Staying Alive (Backup)
  • Staying Alive (Lead) (Only for Vampire Pygmy)
  • Smooth Criminal (Only for Zombie Pygmies)

Fishmas Skin Pack

Dance Pack Too

Dance Pack Three

  • The Pygmy Theme
  • Elaine Dance
  • Kony Guy Naked Dance
  • Hammer Time
  • YMCA
  • Double Dream Hands
  • Bad Zombie (Only for Zombie Pygmies)

In Pocket God Facebook

Main Article: Dance Dance


Dance Dance in Pocket God Facebook. The meter shows the speed and intensity of the dance

In Pocket God Facebook, dance has been expanded into its own god power known as Dance Dance. Here, you click a drum repeatedly to make the Pygmies dance (the same dance as in the Pocket God version, yet a bit modified) but the main difference is that if you make them dance too much, they will have a heart attack and die of exhaustion. The rival god of this power is The Galley Master.

There is also a different dance known as the Moon Dance that the Pygmies perform when the Lunar Phases is at the first quarter moon. Unlike Dance Dance, this dance does not cause Pygmies to die in any way.

Types of Dances

The variations of dance in the Facebook version are the following:

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