An entire tribe of pygmies doing the Dance Dance.


The drum used for Dance Dance

Dance Dance is a Dance and former god power in Pocket God (Facebook) that is unlocked at Level 14 to buy in the shop for 10,000 Sacrifice Points. Dance Dance appears in the form of a drum that the player can beat for the Pygmies to dance to.



When the player purchases Dance Dance, and it is turned on, the music in the background changes. Referencing the picture, there is a sidebar next to the drum that has three sections starting at the bottom: Blue, Green, and Red. When the player taps the drum and the beat progressingly grows faster, an arrow rises from blue to green slowly. At the same rate, the pace the pygmies are dancing at grows faster as well. When in green, the dance is at a moderate rate, but if the god continues to speed up the place, the sidebar arrow enters red. When in red, the pygmies faces turn bright red from exhaustion, but continue to dance for their god. As the arrow is kept in the red the pygmies will randomly die of heart attacks and disappear.

The rival god of Dance Dance, specifically making Pygmies dance until they die, is The Galley Master.

Getting Sacrifice Points

The drum is a great way to rake in sacrifice points. Get the meter in the green and keep it there for a while: every minute or so, each dancing pygmy rewards you with 10 sacrifice points. The Bloodthirsty Idol is also a great way to increase your gains.


  • If one looks closely at the male pygmies, at random points, the side of their flickers from being girl hair to boy hair in the dance.


  • When you equip it, it deactivates the gravity.
  • If a Pygmy has "Nooby's Bone" equipped, if you look closer it seems it doesn't turn when it dances.

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