The Dangerous Dialog is an ongoing contest in the Pygmy Peril wherein the latest 'Peril issues contains either an inked or a coloured snippet from the future comics. The speech bubbles are left empty to be filled with words by the fans.

The fans can put anything they like in the speech bubbles. The winning entries are determined on how funny they are. They should be in .jpg or .jpeg in format and should be sent to the usual Pygmy Peril address,, with the subject named "Dangerous Dialog" or anything pertaining to it in order for it to not be lost in a "sea of e-mail".

Dangerous Dialog 1

This inked snippet came from issue 22. This mostly shows an argument between Klik and the now rebellious Klak.

It was then revealed that the winner for this contest is Sarina.[1]

Dangerous Dialog 2

This is yet another inked snippet, but it is from issue 23, only 3/4 of the page is provided and this one has fewer speech bubbles compared to the previous one. This shows a petty moment of Kinsee and Booga, wherein Kinsee pushes the latter off the cliff for something he said and pops back. He then starts talking again.

The winner for this contest is Solomon G.[2]

However, according to the Pygmy Peril, there are also three entries who were "almost-good-enough-to-win". Below are the exact words from the said entries. PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY IT.

Salmon R.

Booga: I'm so hungry I could agree to everything.

[Kinsee pushes him off the cliff. He pops back.]

Kinsee: You suck.

Booga: I sooo agree.

Elijah C.

Booga: Listen, after this do you want to get some coffee?

[Kinsee pushes him off the cliff. He pops back.]

Kinsee: Does that answer your question?

Booga: Not really. But I'm too tired to try and ask you again.

Ella A.

Booga: Whew. I'm going to die here. And what's More, I need to go to the outhouse right NOW...

[Kinsee pushes him off the cliff. He pops back.]

Kinsee: How's the toilet down there?

Booga: It's rough, dry and spiky. But I can't even deposit because I died right after I landed on the toilet seat.

Dangerous Dialog 3

This is 3/4 of a comic page from issue 24. But this time, this one is colored and only has three speech bubbles coming from one character, Klak. This focuses on his doubtful suspicion about the bird men and their way of living.

The deadline for this was October 1. No winner has been announced yet.

Dangerous Dialog Images

  • Dangerous Dialog 1
  • Winner of DD1 (by Sarina)
  • Dangerous Dialog 2
  • Winner of DD2 (by Solomon G.)
  • Dangerous Dialog 3


  • This is the only contest started in Pygmy Peril that shows some spoilers for the future issues of the comics.
  • In the third Dangerous Dialog contest's template, the centre panels were removed from the original page.
  • The second Dangerous Dialog contest's template's speech bubbles and the original page are rather different. The last panel of the original page was also removed.
  • This is the third Pygmy Peril contest being hosted, first being Klik's Six and the second being the Pocket God Olympygs.



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