Artwork of Darby for "The Ghost of Fishmas Past"

is a ghost pygmy who appears in the Pocket God Comics. He first appeared in The Ghost of Fishmas Past, where he and Nooby met.


Darby gives out unhelpful advice and is more of an annoyance than most other characters of the comic. He likes giving others a hard time (primarily scaring or just messing around), and is revealed to crave the "taste of fear" (according to the Pygmy Profiles). However, he does not like lizards. He tends to take people such as Nooby on mind-trips, yet Nooby openly shows dislike towards him. He seemingly likes it when others are unhappy or afraid.

Physical Description

Darby appears as a ghost pygmy with a bone shaped like a wrench to hold up his hair. He also has blue eyes with bright pinprick-sized pupils, as well as a row of teeth seen on his malicious grin. Darby appears to have a long ponytail (similar to that of Kinsee's), which makes him bear a very small resemblance to a stereotypical feminine appearance.


  • Darby is said that he once had a tribe that was alive, but then died somehow and ended up as ghost pygmies.
  • Unlike ghost pygmies from the Pocket God game, which have only a single tail under their grass-skirts, Darby appears to have multiple tails on his grass-skirt.

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