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The Demon

Not to be confused with the Demon God.

The Demon is a creature that lives in the Lava Tube introduced in Ep 32: Crack is Wack.


It is a devilish like creature that periodically pops up and follows your Pygmy from a distance
as the islander runs through the treacherous lava-filled caverns. According to Dave Castelnuovo, the Demon is a tribute to Ronnie James Dio and are planning a demon from one of his videos to the update.


  • It remains to be seen if the Demon will actually affect the Pygmy in futur

    The Demon God

    e updates.
  • If one looks carefully, the demon has very similar walking animation and form as the ice monster does.
  • The Demon also appears as the Demon God in Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods.