Disco Ball Bill is one of the idols in the Battle of the Gods mini-game. It is the idol for Ep 45: Dance Dance Execution.


The idol looks like a sliver/platinum Pygmy with yellow-green gemstone eyes, and a disco ball replacing his head, perfoming a well known dance move. His suit is also silver/platinum and has pink arrows pointing from the seams to the sleeves. He's standing on a white platform similar to the one in the minigame Dance Dance Execution.


  • Enter the Dance Room. (Let's go clubbin')
  • Place Pygmy in Dance Dance Execution. (Assume the position.)
  • Play Dance Dance Execution. (Move your feet!)
  • Smash Pygmy in Dance Dance Execution. (That's the way the ball bounces!)
  • Remove Pygmy from Dance Dance Execution. (Let's NOT dance)
  • Place Pygmy in go go cage. (Acting cagey.)
  • Place Baby Pygmy in go go cage. (Baby likes to rattle it)
  • Place Old Pygmy in go go cage. (Despite all my rage...)
  • Place Ginger Pygmy in go go cage. (Why the caged nerd sings?)
  • Place Fast Pygmy in go go cage. (Hurry up an[d] dance!)
  • Grab a balloon. (Grab a party favor.)
  • Release a balloon. (They all float down here!)
  • Have Pygmy inhale balloon. (Hit the gas!)
  • Pygmy says: 'I don't feel anything.' (Comfortably numb.)
  • Pygmy says 'I feel funny.' (Strange or 'haha'?)
  • Pygmy says 'Is this going to be forever?' (From here to eternity?)
  • Pygmy says 'Is this real life?' (Living the fantasy.)
  • Pygmy screams. (Top of their lungs)
  • Pygmy says 'I have two fingers.' (No good at counting.)
  • Hit the Left button on the correct time. (To the left!)
  • Hit the Left button on the incorrect time. (Left of center.)
  • Hit the Down button on the correct time. (Downright awesome!)
  • Hit the Down button on the incorrect time. (I'm not down for that.)
  • Hit the Up button on the correct time. (Upright citizen.)
  • Hit the Up button on the incorrect time. (Upside-down.)
  • Hit the Right button on the correct time. (That's right.)
  • Hit the Right button on the incorrect time. (That's not right!)

Level Up Tasks

Battle Info

  • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a bright green glow around his hands.
  • On the attack, the Pygmy dashes forward, jumps in the air, and shoots bright green balls of energy at the enemy Pygmy.
  • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a hole in the ground opens up beneath the Pygmy and multiple flowering vines will wrap around him and bring the Pygmy down.
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols +4400 points towards Level Up.

Level Stats

Level Health Damage #Disco Brilliance Damage for Entire Battle
1 20 20 5
2 40 40 10
3 60 60 15
4 80 80 20
5 100 100 25
6 120 120 30
7 140 140 35
8 160 160 40
9 180 180 45
10 200 200 50
11 220 220 55
12 240 240 60
13 260 260 65
14 280 280 70
15 300 300 75
16 320 320 80
17 340 340 85
18 360 360 90
19 380 380 95
20 400 400 100


  • Disco Ball Bill may be named after famous disco dancer Bill Eggert.
  • The clue for Release a balloon is inspired by the Stephen King novel "It".