Map of the Pocket God Facebook World

The Divine Archipelago is a feature of Pocket God Facebook introduced in Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go. It is, so far, comprised of Sand Island, Tiny Islet, and Big Island, the last two of which must be possessed by the God (player). It is the equivalent of the Pocket God World in the original game.


The Divine Archipelago, or the Island Map, is created in a way so that it looks as if the player (the God) is looking down in on the islands from White Clouds the sky. The islands are surrounded by an ocean and other smaller islands to the distance. Whenever a player is currently on an island and goes to the map, an arrow saying "God is here" will appear on that island, and before the other two are possessed there will be a ship wheel (signaling it has yet to be conquered).


The button to click in order to populate a new island


Before one of the two other islands can be populated with Pygmies, they must be possessed by the god (you). You must have a certain number of friends to possess an island.


This archipelago is comprised of Sand Island (the original), Tiny Islet, and Big Island. When the new islands first came out, the player had to re-buy all their items once they took control of a new island, but this changed so that everything you had one one island automatically was there when you switched islands.

Sand Island (Facebook Version) Sand Island was the original island that each player started out with, but is now the island players progress to when they have finished the tutorial. Sandislandfb
Tiny Islet Tiny Islet is the smallest (containing only two Pygmies). Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 9.58.03 PM
Big Island Big Island is the biggest, containing 6 Pygmies at a time and many more devices than you would be able to do on the other two. Bigisland

Flora and Fauna

The wildlife on the islands is the same, the Shark, the Dodo Bird, Fire Ants, and the Orange Fish when the Fishing Rod is toggled on. Each island can also have a Palm Tree, Venus Flytrap, Bomb Cactus, and Purple Mushroom.

God Powers

The God Powers are the same on each island, Gravity, Lightning, Hurricane, Lunar Phases, and Hailstorm.

Geological Features

Each island has the ability to make a Volcano, a Tar Pit, a Geyser, or a Hot Spring.


  • The Pygmies are seen playing with miniature versions of these islands in the Hot Spring in the loading screen from this episode