Pygmies frantically admiring a player's double rainbow

Not to be confused with Ep 35: Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky, the episode the double rainbow was introduced in.

Double Rainbows are rainbows that first appeared in Ep 35: Double Rainbow All the Way Across The Sky. The player can toggle on and off the power to draw the rainbows.

How To Make One

The player simply slides their finger over the sky with Double Rainbow turned on to create a two rainbows that the pygmies will become excited over, parodying a viral video. The rainbows last for a few seconds before disappearing. When being drawn, the rainbow will make a bell-ringing, magical noise and it will sparkle. If the player wants to, they can cover the entire sky with rainbows simply by not letting go of the iPod when drawing.

The Pygmies' reaction

In reference to the viral video, when a Pygmy sees the double rainbow he will exclaim such things as "What does this mean?", "So intense", "It's starting to look like a triple rainbow!", and "Oh my god, oh my god!" among others in a high-pitched squeaky voice.

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-1003:30

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

The viral video which the rainbows are patterned after


  • The creators of Pocket God always intended to put a rainbow in the game, but for this episode they decided to make it reference the viral video.
  • If you have made a Double Rainbow, and drag the Storm Clouds before it disappear, it will start to rain.

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