Start screen for this mini-game

Dragons on Uranus is a mini-game in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus and is found on the planet Uranus.


To get to this mini-game, you’ll need to move a pygmy from the universe and onto the planet of Uranus. Here, you’ll get to mount a Pygmy on a Green Dragon and fight hostile Red Dragons in yet another mini-game set in a world of floating islands. Your objective is to knock the riders off the red dragons by landing on their heads.

This will give you ten times the wave number in points. When a red dragon is dispatched, it will drop an egg, which you should collect for points. On the ground, it is worth 20 points, while in the air it is worth 25. If you do not collect the egg soon enough, it will turn into another Red Dragon unless it has fallen into the Uranian Gas. While you fly around by repeatedly tapping the screen, you’ve got to escape getting hit by the red dragons and also avoid the green gas and Uranian Gas Worms below. If you spot any Ghost Pygmies at the bottom of the screen, collect them for an extra life, but don't fall in!

Leveling Up

Once you defeat all the Red Dragons and collect all the eggs, you proceed to the next level. The number of enemies increase by one for each level, and the bottom platform also steadily crumbles away after completing each level. By Wave 12 everything but the teleporters have crumbled away, so at Wave 13 all the platforms return. In addition, the number of enemies goes back down to 4, but become smarter and harder to beat.


  • This is the first time dragons are introduced into the Pocket God Universe.
  • It would appear that the dragons have teleportation powers to get from the main Uranus area to the battlefield. Also, in the game, you can see both the Green Dragons and Red Dragons materializing on-screen.
  • This game is like the arcade game Joust.

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