A Drunken Pygmy

Drunken Pygmies are pygmies that have recently drunken a Cocodrink or Root Beer from the Cocodrink Fridge and St. Pat Fridge, respectively.



A Drunken Pygmy (right) and normal Pygmy (right)

Drunken Pygmies act almost nothing like sober pygmies. Drunken pygmies walk much slower, their eyelids droop, and are constantly smiling. They also hunch over when they walk. Drunken pygmies sometimes burp and giggle, have their own actions just like normal pygmies, and will not eat foods.


Making a Sober Pygmy Again

To make the pygmy sober again without killing them, what the player must do is throw the pygmy in the Fridge for a very short period of time. Then, they would let them out, and the drunken pygmy will have suffered such an ordeal with almost suffocating that it will now be sober (but it will lose its name for a while). Another way is to force-feed it a Coconut.


  • This is the first time Pygmies are affected by a drink, and it was to be followed with Root Beer in the second fridge styled for Saint Patrick's Day.
  • A drunken pygmy will occaisionally wander down into the water and off the screen. For some reason the pygmy doesn't drown, but there is no way of getting him/her back unless you refresh the page or have them killed indirectly, such as via the Dance Dance Drum.
  • There used to be a bug where if a drunken Pygmy was dropped in the Tar Pit and then fished out so that it was coated in tar and still drunk, it would appear to walk forwards, but move backwards, in a sort of Moonwalk
  • When there is a drunken pygmy and the lunar dance phase is on, the drunken pygmy will dance.