An Earthquake on Rock Island

An Earthquake is the result of shaking the device. It is was first introduced in Pocket God in Ep 4: Shake That App! and Pocket God: Journey To Uranus in Journey To Uranus Episode 1: Journey To Uranus.


An Earthquake on Sand Island


The player can create an Earthquake toggling on the "Tilt for Gravity" option in the Settings menu. Then, the player can trigger the earthquake by shaking their iPhone/iPod/iPad. If you manage to make the Pygmies grab onto the island while the device is upside-down, then triggering an earthquake causes them to fall.


  • Vampires and Charlie temporarily turn into normal pygmies during an earthquake.
  • The coconut on Sand Island will drop during an earthquake. If a pygmy is under the tree at the same time, the coconut will bounce off his head.
  • Zombies explode during the earthquake.
  • So far, the ability to create an earthquake is not included in Pocket God Facebook.
  • You cannot turn off earthquakes in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. Also, in the same game, the camera won't shake when you create an earthquake.
  • Only alternate timeline pygmies and ghosts are unaffected by earthquakes.

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