The Easter Egg is a limited time holiday item introduced in Facebook Ep. 6: Kiss your Ants Goodbye and exclusive to Pocket God Facebook. It temporarily replaced the Coconut.


The Easter Egg is yellow and light blue in color. It is mainly yellow with odd patterns of lines of light blue. It has chocolate inside of it.


Introduced to the game for Easter, the egg served as a temporary replacement for the coconut on the Coconut Tree. It functioned in the same way as a coconut, i.e. dropping it on Pygmies heads to open it (the Pygmies can then eat it if they wish) or being awarded one point of Devotion if the player gives it to a Pygmy when they ask for it through a Thought Bubble. It was also the premise for a worldwide challenge (see below).

Chocoro the Bunny Challenge

Screen shot 2011-04-22 at 7.19.21 PM

The symbol for Chocoro the Bunny as an Easter Egg in a nest

Main Article: Chocoro the Bunny

The global challenge known as Chocoro the Bunny mainly focused on trying to feed as many Pygmies as possible Easter Eggs when they ask for it with a grace request. When completed, the challenge awarded a certain share of the Sacrifice Points and experience and an idol.


  • The pygmies want a full egg in the grace request, although when they get a half-egg, they are satisfied.
  • The egg has a wrapper, so it is unknown how the pygmies can digest cellophane or if it was even invented.

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