A full Energy meter

Energy (formerly known as Devotion) is a currency-like force that is affected every time the player makes a sacrifice in Pocket God on Facebook. The player's amount of energy at any given time is recorded in his or her energy meter, when can be turned off by being clicked clicking whichever idol the player has on the island at the time, or by clicking the red circle under the green one on the devotion meter.



Old version of the "Devotion" meter

With the energy meter on, each time you kill a Pygmy a point of energy will be subtracted; likewise if you give a Pygmy a grace when they ask for it a point of energy will be restored. Also, it takes around 5 minutes for the computer to restore energy on its own without help from the player giving things to Pygmies, but if the player wishes to speed up this process (like in Rival God challenges) he or she can purchase Puny Soul Potion to restore 1 point of energy.

In addition the player gains an extra max energy point every time they level up. Because energy can be recharged or bought, the player to turn on whichever idol he or she is using and make sacrifices to gain experience and sacrifice points. Once the energy meter is empty, the idol automatically turns off, and the player must wait for more energy (or buy it) in order to make a sacrifice for more money.

In the new update,"Visit your Friends!", If you give a Pygmy a grace and the energy meter is already full,the extra energy will still add up but changes the color of the energy meter to green.


  • When the player runs out of energy, sometimes a pop-up will appear making a reference to Darth Vader by stating, "I find your pygmies' lack of energy disturbing." The original quote is "I find your minions' lack of faith disturbing."