Hi, Dracula! is the tenth episode of Pocket God. It was released on March 15, 2009. It's name is intended to poke fun at "iDracula", a game that was right above Pocket God in the top 25 for a while.

New Features


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Episode 10 introduces a Vampire Bat that appears when you double-tap the Moon. It inflicts a random Pygmy with the gift of fangs and a lust for Pygmy blood. Once a Pygmy becomes a Vampire Pygmy, he runs around swiftly and knocks all of the other Pygmies into the water. If you change night to sunset, he tries to beg you not to create daytime, and if you raise the sun, he burns up and explodes.


This update also allowed you to use the Meteor to create an eclipse during the day, shielding the vampire from the sun - a feature that is not included in the instruction menu and therefore many people do not know of.


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