Something's Fishy is the 12th episode and was part of the joint release with Ep 13: March of the Fire Ants released on the 8th of April, 2009.

New Features

It was one of the few updates to benefit the inhabitants, as it added a fishing rod and a fish. A Pygmy picks up the rod and fishes. If the Pygmy catches a fish, it flings it up for another Pygmy to eat. You can also pick up the fish and slap Pygmies on the head with it. If the Pygmy catches the shark, it will pull the Pygmy down into ocean where it drowns and is eaten.

Apple's Rejection

To everyone's surprise, Something's Fishy was rejected from the app store by Apple. Apple had noticed that in the game's toggle menu, the gravity icon portrayed an iPhone being tilted, which violated copyright agreements. Even under pressure, Bolt Creative fixed the issue and released the update along with March of the Fire Ants, the update that was planned to be after Something's Fishy.

April Fool's Day

This update was an April Fool's Day release, and as such, the app implied that it was a lite version and the full version had to be purchased for $4.99


  • At this point, the type of fish couldn't be changed. Cooked Fish and Burnt Fish would be added in Episode 20.
  • The name is the same joke wath sayed the Annoying Orange when meets Sushi.
  • The icon of this episode doesn't appears among the others on the BoltCreative official website.
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